Beyond Our Understanding

Episode 1, Part 6 – Free Lee Harvey Oswald - Phillip Nelson

Phillip Nelson

Phillip Nelson

Joe Sabatino Sits down with writer Phillip Nelson to discuss another side of the story and what he calls the biggest threat to JFK, Lyndon Johnson. Nelson believes that Lyndon Johnson had planned this assassination for years. Nelson explains Lyndon Johnsons unstable mindset, psychopathic tendences and unhealthy obsession with being president. Lyndon Johnson goes so far to have texas government change the law so he would be able to run for two seats at the same time. Nelson also tells us that JFK was quoted saying that Lyndon Johnson was a chronic liar. In this interview we get a glimpse of the strings that Nelson ties together from multiple different books to give us a clear portrayal of Lyndon Johnson and his intentions towards JFK and the presidency.

Phillip F. Nelson is the author of LBJ: The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination, in which he contends that Johnson was a cardinal instigator of the plot to kill JFK. LBJ conceived of it perhaps as early as 1961 before enlisting others in 1962-63 to handle its design and execution. Phillip explains how Johnson was uniquely positioned to assemble all the key men–from the financiers to the operational planners and the cover-up experts–to complete the job. And it was all done at the expense of a “patsy” named Lee Harvey Oswald.

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