Filmmakers Corner with Roxy Shih

Episode 4 - Basil Mironer

Basil Mironer

Basil Vassili Mironer was born in Moscow, Russia, and immigrated to America in the late
1980’s. Accepted to Georgia Institute of Technology, Basil briefly pursued a career as a
computer science programmer. After witnessing a student seizure from a flickering
screen, he enthusiastically redirected his passion to storytelling through film and video.
Moving to Europe, Basil created a series of avant-garde short films and eventually
started to focus on more linear storytelling – directing short documentaries exploring
immigration and nomadic lifestyle.

In 2010, he received his Master of Fine Arts in Film and Television Production from NYU
Tisch School of the Arts Asia. Basil has honed his cinematography and directing skills on
over 30 global film productions, and pioneered the first stereoscopic 3-D film shoot in
NYU history.

Basil has received numerous awards and accolades including: Sonje Award for the best
Asian Short film at the 14th Pusan International Film Festival, Best of Festival selection
at Palm Springs Shortfest 2009, and the Wasserman Award at the First Run Film
Festival 2010.

His film Rare Fish (Ikan Langka) was selected for the prestigious Haig P. Manoogian
Screenings at the Directors Guild of America where it won the Audience Award.
Basil is an award winning Director of Photography and recently finished production on a
Hong Kong narrative feature entitled Camera, a dystopian-thriller to be distributed
by Fortissimo Films. Basil currently splits his time between Los Angeles, New Zealand,
and South-East Asia collaborating with storytellers, artists, and filmmakers.

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